Mod-Files allow owner of websites car diag, chiptuning, service to resell services of chiptuning files stage 1,2,3 also egr, dpf, adblue, dtc off
Now we have made a package for reseller who have website,
You have to register on and contact us to switch your account to reseller,
You will be able to convert the credits to tokens that you will sell to your customer, but in that case customer don't need to come to to buy but tokens will be used on form that you will put on your website, check picture:
mod-files tuning files - resellers - generator chiptuning form
You will have just to generate the form from in your acces on the php code that you will place on your website, check the picture:
mod-files tuning files - resellers - generated tokens
For example on Eshop,
You can put like in our shop :


1 - Customer will buy 1 token from your website or by contacting you.
2 - You will buy 1 token from
3 - You will generate 1 token from your acces and send to customer by email
4 - Customer then will go to the link of the form where you put in your page ( form source you will generate in reseller in your acces, very easy ) (in our example:
5 - Customer will enter all detail in form and paste the token that he baught from your website and send his file.
6 - Our team will receive the file and treat it then send back, customer will receive the file repaired without any information about our contact detail, email for sending file will be as email where the form is placed for example if you website is the email will come from
7 - If customer have any problem with file you will have support as normal customer in
If you need more information about this just write us and we will help you to make this working and we can help you placing the script on your website for free.

Contact us :